Structural Framing Evaluations

Structural Framing Evaluations
Structural Framing Evaluations

Structural framing comprises the “bones” of the building.  It is important that the structural-framing members are properly aligned and have the strength and stability to support service loads. Structures can be framed using wood, steel and/or concrete support systems.

Sometimes, due to age, a faulty original design, natural elements and man-made or natural damage, framing systems can sag, buckle or even fail.   It is highly recommended that a structural engineer evaluate such circumstances.

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Structural framing distress could include the following examples:

  • Framing not installed per design drawings
  • Framing damage due to weather event such as a fallen tree or wind damage
  • Sagging beam and/or ceilings
  • Roof framing damage due to HVAC attic installation
  • Structural member deterioration due to exposure and rot/corrosion

Nevins Engineering can provide the on-site evaluation and the necessary recommendations to remediate the situation.

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Structural Framing Evaluations

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What information is required before design?

The design process requires architect’s design drawings and a geotechnical report that analyzes the strength properties of the soil.

Do you design new foundations?

Yes. We can provide design services for residential or commercial foundations.

Do you evaluate new construction?

Yes. We provide foundation pre-pour and framing observations.

What is your fee?

Our fee is dependent on the size of the foundation and the issues afflicting it. Generally, our fee schedule begins at $425 for a typical residential foundation with a 1500 sq. ft. footprint.

How long does an evaluation last?

It depends on the size and complexity of the job, but a typical residential inspection will last approximately 1 to 1.5 hours.

Why should I hire an independent professional engineer?

A licensed real estate inspector can determine if a foundation or structural member is inadequate, but they cannot formally (or legally) inform you as to why it is inadequate or what remedial measures are required. He or she will often recommend that the structure is evaluated by a P.E. (professional engineer). A P.E. will be able to determine the reason why the structural member is noncompliant and, if necessary, what remedial repair options are available. Only a P.E. can legally inform you of the structural condition and integrity of a building. By hiring a P.E., you will not have to pay twice. A further benefit is that the opinion in the report is independent, as Nevins Engineering does not have an interest in prescribing an expensive repair.

What are your recommended repairs?

It depends. It could range from simple cosmetic repairs (caulk and paint) to drainage and landscaping improvements to foundation underpinning repairs.

When should I call?

You should contact a foundation repair company after it has been determined by an independent professional engineer that remedial repairs are required.

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